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Building regulation drawings

Building Regulation

What is building regulations?

When you have completed your design and obtained planning permission, you would need to obtain Building Regulations approvals. 

Building regulations are to do with technical side of the proposed design, building regulation drawings will specify insulation, fire and safety and many other aspects in order that your proposed loft conversion, home extension or new build is compliant with up to date government regulations.

Lccl construction has partnered with Local Authority Building Control working together to deliver quality projects across London and Hertfordshire, embracing health and safety and liaising with LABC surveyors at every stage of the construction process.

Why do I need Building Regulations?

LABC would be an appointed local building control inspectors going over the work carried out on your construction site. Building control would require to have building regulation drawings so that they can assess the drawings ahead of the construction project to check whether the drawings meet the regulations. Once drawings are approved a building inspector would than use these drawings to check the work on the project location is the work is completed as per the drawings or government regulation standards. 

As well as you building regulation drawings structural design and calculations would be required to accompany building control application, the structural drawings are use in party wall matters too. 

The process of the building regulation drawings

Once the planning has been obtained, it would be time to start the work on building regulation drawings, as follows:


Once planning permission has been granted the next stage is Building Control. These drawings are very detailed and show exactly how and with what materials the new building or extension is going to be constructed.


 full set of Building Regulation drawings will include proposed plans, elevations, cross sections, details, full specification detailing construction methods, workmanship standards and quality of materials.


Application made on your behalf, liaising with building control and keeping you informed. 


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