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10 steps to your dream home

Updated: May 3, 2023

Lccl Construction looks at the ways you could have your dream home in 10 easy steps. We reveal the key steps to a custom build.

1. Find a building plot

Tracking down the great land it is very difficult and expensive in London and UK as whole but don't worry there are at least 13000 people working on this! websites such as Plotsearch and Plontfinder do the trick but ideally word of mouth and local estate agents can find you your perfect land.

2. The financing

One thing is for sure when you are planning to build a custom build home you must have set aside a good chunk of cash as and when that land is found you are ready to buy it and move on with your dream. There are dedicated lenders who can also help, it is worth having a look at what they are offering.

3. The budget realisation

When watching TV series on contemporary home builds, usually there are unreal budgets to build a custom home. To get a real idea of costs and budgets first you need to know what you want to build. This can be advised by builder, architect or surveyors, many years experience would give a good idea of the costs.

Always have contingency at least 10% this is only used in case of unexpected costs such as additional foundations or delays.

4. Find an architect

Whether you will choose a package supplier (design and build who would literally design and build your home and all you have to do is say what you like and dont), an architect or another house designer be sure to choose someone who understands your requirements under your budgets.

Looking for an architect or design and build specialists?

For a free consultation with us click here.


5. Call the planners

At Lccl Construction we say the sooner you get in touch with the planner the better, they do wonders, they are the best way to find out whether your project is viable. Local authorities will offer per-application advice some will charge and some are free. Private planners usually offer free advice.

This can really help to get a strong idea of what planning officer will and won't accept in terms of general style, size and any materials stipulations. It is crucial for you to have a better standing chance of getting the planning permission for your dream.

6. Choose a building route

There are two routes self build or professional construction company. Let's face it if you dont have experience and have £500k investment into your custom build home than leave it to the professionals . The idea is to invest and over the course of time see your investment grow.

If it is your first time use a design and build company that way they will guide you and customise the experience for you every step of the way with bespoke designs and first class services.

Often your architect or package supplier will favour traditional methods of construction systems such as brick and block or timber frame, dont be afraid to take the lead if you have strong views on using alternative build methods.

Looking for design and build specialists?

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7. Get essentials right

There are some crucial approvals you have to have before starting any build. You have to have permission, building control approval and any special permissions in place. If you don't delays will occur.

8. Protect your Investment

Of-course you can always check builders references but that doesn't mean your dream home will be built the same way. It does not guarantee your home to be built and your investment secure.

You should safeguard your investment with the right contracts, warranties and insurances in place. This way you will protect your investment.

9. Start the building and watch it rise

Starting work on the site is the most exciting and fun part most builders would agree. Follow up on the project and make sure you get explanation at every stage. Don't forget surveyors check every stage of the build and sign it off. Trust your builder they are there to accommodate you and build relationship with you and build of-course!

Looking for a construction builders?

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10. Enjoy your new home

With all the building complete it is time to enjoy the hard work! There are a few things to sign off like completion certificates from building control and dont forget to make the important VAT reclaim for that holiday in Hawaii. It's time to enjoy!

What is the cost of the loft conversion and house extension?

You can use our "instant quote calculator" and find out the cost in seconds! for both design and build, architecture services or just construction services depend what stage you are in and what you have so far completed.

We have experience of over 15 years in design and construction of loft conversions and home extensions in London and Hertfordshire areas and have worked out a unique calculation formula that you can find out to what your house extension and loft conversion will cost in seconds.

How can Lccl Construction be of help?

Do you require a loft conversion and house extension to add extra space?

Then look no further get in touch with us for a detailed free no obligation quote. We can accommodate a very quick turnaround. Our loft conversions and house extensions come with 10 year guarantee and 12 month workmanship guarantee.

Use our instant quote calculator for a quote about your project whether construction only or design and build.

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Telephone: 020 8037 7332


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