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Free Consultation Call

What happens during our consultation call? 

Our consultation is conducted via the phone, we go into great detail about you project and find out your needs.

Once you have made a booking at time and date that suits you we would research your property location and prep before your call. 

The free consultation call is very important part of the project this is where we talk about your dreams, wants and needs and also how we can help you and in more details about our process. We have been in business for more than 17 years so we know thing or two about it, you are in good hands..

Once our consultation call has completed, we evaluate and offer a visit to your property so that our consultant can talk further about your project. Consultant will then schedule a time a date to when you are available, for us to attend your property and talk about your project in more detail.

What is the motive behind free consultation for Lccl Construction

We believe that all of our customers should get of to a best possible start. We offer our free consultation call out of good will to help the local communities to gain the understanding of the process of the design or construction, what implications they face and how we can help, furthermore we produce a free estimate document to our customers for their loft conversion, home extension, renovation or new build project. We would not be able to produce accurate or near accurate estimate if the design phase has not been completed, however we are able to produce accurate estimate on the design phase.

So why all this from Lccl Construction?

Well the answer is simple we we want to give back to the community as part of our good will to help, educate and point into the right direction.

The process of the consultation call

Making preparations is the key. Providing us with as much details about your project as possible would really help our conversation and your project. 

We would focus on the points such as is it feasible, budgets, timescales, what type of loft or home extension you would like and if it is possible, how we can help and what services would best suited for your project. As follows we talk about our consultation call in more detail:


We listen. Introduction, what the project idea is, going into details about your project, what your dreams and desires as well as must haves. 


Providing you with the solutions and how we can help, there are 4 main solutions that we offer architecture, design and build, project management or construction. We will provide you with estimates for the project, time scales and answer any other question you may have.


After all the information has been gathered we will produce the quote and email it over to you, at this point you have an option to start our services. 

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Note: Accuracy of the costs are dependant on the final design, structural design and party wall agreements, the conditions are also subject to building control assessment remotely and on project location where changes may be required, given these occurrences there would than be a price adjustment to the estimate. It would not be possible to produce 100% accurate costs as there are many factors that can influence the final costs. For these reason we always would recommend contingency is in place before the start of any type of the project. Lccl construction reserves the right to refuse work, refuse consultation services or refuse any of its services at its own discretion without notice or reason. Lccl construction does not guarantee the estimate cost and its customers should not use the estimate to base their decisions. The customers are expected to gain a minimum of 5 quotes and than compare the costs before making their own decisions. By using any of our services you agree to our terms and conditions and our website terms, please have a read further detail on Terms and Conditions and our Website Terms

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