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Structural engineer drawings

Structural Engineer Design and Calculations 

What is structural engineer design and calculations?

Structural drawings for the structural engineer are a set of designs and calculations that will present how the loft conversion, home extension or new build will be constructed. 

The design would be detailed as per what type of timbers to use, thickness of the steels, type of concrete to be used, is a slab or block and beam floor, what type of steel connections to be used and more..

Our structural engineers would attend your property and survey the property in order to produce structural design and calculation for your project.

Why do I need structural engineer?

Structural engineer will produce set of drawings and calculations that present how your proposed development will be constructed. These drawings are used for builder costings, party wall agreements, building control approvals, building control inspectors and by your insurance company. These drawings and calculations would guide you on how to carry out the construction of your proposed development.

The process of the structural engineer design and calculations

When the planning permission is in place at the same time structural engineer can be appointed to carry out the structural drawings and calculation, as follows:


Attendance to the project location to survey the existing structure and take any necessary measurements and pictures of the property. This would be done by structural engineer who will design and carry out calculations for your proposed development.


Structural engineer then will begin work on production of the drawings and calculations using their skills, experience, knowledge, softwares to come up with the structural design and calculations.


Structural drawings and calculations are completed and released by structural engineer. 


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