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Measured building survey

Measured Building Survey

What happens during our measured building survey? 

Once you have decided to go ahead with our services.


We would schedule a measured building survey in order for us to have accurate measurements of your home, we attend your property and conduct a measured building survey. During this time we discuss your project in more detail.

We would measure every inch of your property, bare in mind that the measurement can take couple of hours to complete depending of the size of your property. 

Why do you need to carry out the measured building survey?

Measured building survey is required in order to produce accurate drawings of existing floor plans and elevations vs proposed floor plans and elevations, once completed this drawings would have various uses in the design phase stage. It would be used by planning office, structural engineers, builders... 

The process of the measured building survey

Once we schedule the appointment date and time, we than attend your property and start the measurement of the property. Below are the stages of the measured building survey process:


Attend the property and start to measure the property inch by inch until all the required measurements are obtained. We measure your area space internally as well as height or any opening or bend. Externally and surrounding we measure the elevations of front rear and sides of the property, taking images as we progress.


Once all the measurement is completed, we then import all the data in our Autodesk CAD software and come up with a custom made, unique to your home drawings. Production of existing floor plans, existing elevations and section drawings.


After completion of the measured site survey we are ready to move onto the stages and that is to produce schematic drawings and planning permission drawings


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