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How does it work? what is Lccl Construction design and build process step by step guide

Lccl Construction design and build process

Lccl Construction 
Design and Build Process

Find out what is Lccl Construction unique design and build process and how do you go about in obtaining a quote, consultation, design and construction services from Lccl Construction.

To begin with please follow the steps below in the outlay you can also click on the links for which will describe each stage in more details. 

To find out more about Lccl Construction unique construction process

Lccl construction design and build process

1. Contact

You can use our booking form online, on our website to book a consultation call at a time and date that suits you best. Our consultation call is to gain an in-depth understanding of what you would like to achieve or what the project idea is..

5. Planning Permission

Our Planning drawings service consists of; fully investigating your Local Authorities planning guidelines, producing proposed plans, elevations, site layout, cross sections, outline specification, a location plan 

9. Project Management

We can project manage your whole project on your behalf including design and build stages. Take the risk and uncertainty away from your project 

2. Consultation

The consultation call with a member of our team who will talk with you in-depth about your project. Analysing requirements, budgets, timescales, possibilities and our process in more detail. After consultation call we can schedule site meeting at your location.

6. Building Control

Once planning permission has been granted the next stage is Building Control. These drawings are very detailed and show exactly how and with what materials the new building or extension is going to be constructed. A full set of Building Regulation drawings 

10. Construction 

Once the project starts on site, the construction process it will be monitored and inspected regularly by LABC. Once completed it..

3. Quote

During the consultation call you will receive a quote based on  your specification and requirements, and you will have various options to go ahead with our services if you are ready.

7. Structural Calculation 

When all approvals have been granted the structural process will start. This is an important part of the design as the drawings will present a clear scope of how to achieve the construction of the project. 

4. Full Survey

Building projects that involve home extensions, home renovations and loft conversions will require a full measured survey of the existing property and surrounding site. We can then produce a set of accurate survey drawings using CAD 

8. Party Wall Agreements

Generally any structural alteration within 3 meters of a Party Wall will require a party wall agreement and notices. We offer full Party Wall services.

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