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Project management services London

Project Management Services

Lccl construction project management services

Our project management services focus around design and construction of loft conversions, home extensions, renovations and new builds. 

Our project managmenet services have been in development for over 17 years and we have built and established a solid reputation for design and build services.

Lccl construction project management services for your loft conversion, home extension, renovations or new build project. Our construction management guides you through the process of design, planning and construction.

What we can do for you: 

  • Arrange drawings for the existing and proposed development 

  • Prepare access and design statements

  • Prepare construction drawings

  • Prepare structural drawings

  • Arrange party wall agreements

  • Liaison with local authority building control

  • Tendering and selection on customer behalf 

  • Comparison and appraisal 

  • Quality control 

  • Weekly or monthly construction site visits 

  • Coordination

  • Construction quality checks

  • Health and safety

Project management cycles 

The 3 main cycles to project management would consist of construction management, construction site coordination and critical path method (CPM). These 3 integrated together would ensure success in delivery of the construction project. This development and customisation of the process takes years do develop we have been doing the process of project management for over 14 years and have vast knowledge and experience for loft conversion, home extension, renovations and new build architecture and construction projects in and out of London, United Kingdom. 

With our project management services we take the uncertainty, risk and hussle out of the project making sure the project is built on time, with quality and in a safe way. Liaising with all the inspectors and other third parties, attending the construction site regularly and thoroughly run the project as per our customers requirement.

What is the construction project manager role

Construction project manager is responsible for budgeting, coordinating and supervising projects from start to finish. Here are the following points to which project managers are responsible for in short:

  • Arrange the work time tables 

  • Create a budget and and negotiate cost estimates 

  • Most efficient construction method and strategies 

  • Keep customer informed for work and budget related issues

  • Keep contractors and other professionals informed on contract and technicals 

  • Keep an eye on the personnel on construction site and quality checks

Project management process

Once all is agreed and you have now instructed us for our construction project management services, the structure can be outlined in four basic stages:


Project initiation. 

During the first phase objectives and the feasibility of the project is determined. This stage is very important. If required a feasibility studies are introduced  and once it is final a project initiation document is created. 

The project initiation document provides the detailed work for the construction plan and is the most important documents in project management. 


Planning Phase. 

This is where we draw up the plan of the total project and build our strategies from start of the project until the end. The priorities include careful planning of time, costs, resources. Based on this requirement a phase plan is developed known as scope of management as well as the work breakdown structure. WBS would break down the work into checklist that will divide the work. 

Soon budgets, schedules and the work have been defined, the construction project would than be underway. 

One last bit we would need to asses is risk management. We look at all potential threats and come up with solid solutions to deal with them ahead of our construction on site. 

Lastly communication, this is the key in effective and proactive work on site and background between, client, project management and stakeholders.


Construction Phase. 

This is where all the pre work of planning phase is put to work. We would divide this phase into two main processes: 1. monitoring and executing 2. controlling  

All the required task are monitored and team would make sure the required task are performed, any changes or alterations performed accordingly.


Closing phase, completion of the project.

The final completion of the project would confirm the end of the project, we then reflect on the project, conduct project report, calculating final budgets and any tasks that remain unfinished or ongoing this report is analysis of the project and future assistance of construction projects.


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