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Types of Loft Conversions

Types of Loft Conversions we Design and Build in London and Hertfordshire - United Kingdom

Type of Loft Conversions United Kingdom
Hip to Gable Loft Conversions
Dormer Loft Conversions
Mansard Loft Conversions

Types of loft conversions there is 

Type of loft conversions we do including architecture and construction

There are five main types of loft conversions in United Kingdom and they are dormer loft conversion, hip to gable loft conversion, L shaped loft conversion, mansard loft conversion and Velux loft conversion. Loft Conversions are a valuable asset to have and can be used as an additional bedroom, study or playroom. Expect to spend between £18k to £45k and 4 - 8 weeks to convert your empty roof space into a loft.

To decide on type of loft conversion that you can have on your house you'll need consider the shape and line of your existing roof. By choosing our design and build services we will survey the property and come up with the best possible scheme to suit the budget.

Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer Loft conversion is a most popular loft conversion in the United Kingdom. They are simple to build and have a flat roof dormer. This type of loft conversions are Box shaped and construction deliver of this type of dormer loft conversions takes 4 - 5 weeks. 

The dormer loft conversions create excellent amount of space you can fit  a double room and en-suite. 


This type of loft conversions often fall under permitted development and is suitable for most UK house styles. 

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Hipto Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to gable loft conversion is ideal for end of terrace and detached homes or semi detached houses. Hip to gable loft conversions straightens an inwardly slanted end roof to create vertical wall. This options has become very popular due to the space offering internally.

This loft conversion type is combined with a rear dormer for maximum space, hip to gable lofts are suitable for bungalows. 

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L Shape Loft Conversion

L Shaped Loft Conversions offer large space and increased value of the whole property. Most L shaped loft conversion have two rooms or one very large room and additional large bathroom. 

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Mansard Loft Conversion

Mansard Loft Conversions a designed and build by raising party wall where roof will remain flat while the outer wall will slope gently inwards.

This type of lofts blend well with older properties, there is more headroom and allows more light into the loft.

Mansard lofts take longer to construct and are more expansive than other types of loft conversions.

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5. Velux Loft Conversion

Velux Loft Conversion

Velux loft conversion are simple and quick to complete, this is where you don't alter or expand the existing space.


 Add velux windows, reinforce the floor, insulate and add the stairs.

This type of loft conversions are most likely to be approved by conservation areas.

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