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How to plan and design an extension

Updated: May 3, 2023

Why not add an extension or loft conversion to your current home? make the most of what you have by extending. At Lccl Construction we look at ways of improving your home from traditional to contemporary extensions and loft conversions. We are experts at creating unique spaces that match your unique style and needs. As follows we will look at how to plan and design an extension.

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Barnet single story extension

For many there are lots of reasons for an extension, you might be looking for more space, you will have a new member of the family or add value to your home or love the area you live in and don't want to move. The cost of moving plus adding agent fees with uncertainties in property market, investing in your house makes an attractive prospect.

Know your areas and be aware

Before any work starts and that plan for your beautiful project, it is recommended to talk to your estate agents and find out what is going on in the area, is there a lot of renovations or what are the prices like. Would you add value by adding extra space at all?

Research your area

If your area is full of young professionals, family friendly extension is not the way to go. Ask your neighbor that has done an extension have they added value? ask you estate agent what value can be added if you renovate or add an extension to your home?

What is popular what are the trends

At Lccl Construction we find that people want simple, light and airy spaces a blank canvas people can decorate as per personal specification. While using natural materials to create modern extensions that are warm and functional.

There is an epidemic of more and more people working from home hence the studies are being popular choice to extend, a garage converted into a study or an office, an extension to accommodate a large kitchen and living area.

Barnet builders

Why have an architect? why employ one?

‘It sounds obvious, but builders specialise in building things and architects specialise in designing spaces, Going straight to a builder means you miss out on the crucial design stage.

By using an architect, you’ll end up with a home that’s right for you and that you’ll love living in. Remember, too a badly designed extension can actually reduce the selling price.’

You can hire an architect to manage all of the building process, including helping you secure planning consent and building regulation certification, finding a suitable builder, monitoring progress, standards and safety on site, arranging input from specialists and overseeing construction to completion. We offer a full architecture services please find out more here.

‘Your relationship with your architect is very important, so it’s crucial to find someone you’re confident you can work with,’

Setting your project Budget

Hadley wood builders

‘Clients are sometimes cagey about money ‘ but if you give your architect a budget, they can assess what’s possible. ‘And discuss it as a team – your architect may even be able to do a job for less, in which case you could have more to spend on fittings.

A general rule of thumb is to allow £150 per sq ft of development, and remember you aren’t just thinking about the extension, but the existing space inside, too.

If you opt for less expensive fixtures and fittings, you could squeeze this down to £100, but equally, if you go for higher quality this could rise to £200 per sq ft.

Bear in mind that, on top of the build budget, there will be architect, engineer and builders’ fees, government VAT and building control and planning costs, too.

Don’t forget to allow a contingency fund of 10 per cent or more for unforeseen circumstances.

What is the cost of the loft conversion and house extension?

You can use our "instant quote calculator" and find out the cost in seconds! for both design and build, architecture services or just construction services depend what stage you are in and what you have so far completed.

We have experience of over 15 years in design and construction of loft conversions and home extensions in London and Hertfordshire areas and have worked out a unique calculation formula that you can find out to what your house extension and loft conversion will cost in seconds.

How can Lccl Construction be of help?

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Use our instant quote calculator for a quote about your project whether construction only or design and build.

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