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Kitchen Extension builders Mill Hill NW7 by LCCL Construction

Updated: Mar 16

We were contacted by our clients, a local family, looking for a reputable kitchen extension builder to add more space to the downstairs of their home. The best solution was a full width rear kitchen extension. The purpose of the extension was to create space for a large modern kitchen and dining area, a social space where friends and family can cook, socialise, do homework, relax and even work from home. In line with current trends we are seeing a seperate utility room was planned, removing the laundry elements from the kitchen, the advantages of this being that the noise levels in the new kitchen are greatly reduced and more kitchen cupboard space is available.

A brick built rear extension by LCCL Construction
Kitchen extension builders Mill Hill NW7 by LCCL Construction

In terms of glazing a picture window and bi-folding doors have been added to the rear of the extension. A flat roof skylight has been installed in the kitchen extension roof to create a naturally light and open feeling space. A first floor terrace was also built above the roof of the new kitchen extension, accessed via french doors from one of the first floor bedrooms.

Ground floor kitchen extension kitchen
Ground floor kitchen extension kitchen

Ground floor kitchen extension skylight
Ground floor kitchen extension skylight

Ground floor kitchen extension rear
Ground floor kitchen extension rear

Entire ground floor kitchen extension construction video from start to finish Mill Hill project by Lccl Construction

Look at all the build stages involved in the construction of this kitchen extension in Mill Hill NW7 here is a side by side comparison of the house before and after the construction of the rear extension. As you can see the extension has been built to blend in beautifully with the finish of the existing house. The finished build has lovely features including the first floor terrace, bi-folding doors and new patio areas. Follow us on Youtube for more projects

Kitchen extension builder in Mill Hill

From the very start to finish of the project built by LCCL Construction here is how the rear extension build progressed, from the beginning, digging out the foundations all the way through to plastering, floor installation, second fixes and kitchen installation the team at LCCL Construction was on hand to ensure all aspects of the build were expertly completed.

Construction stages

The view of the rear of the property prior to the extension being built by LCCL Construction. Work has started on site to begin the process of excavating the foundations.

For more detailed step by step videos of our house extension process please see our Detailed rear house extension construction by LCCL Construction video or on our YouTube channel

Preparations for the groundworks of the kitchen extension
Beginning of the extension build process in Mill Hill NW7

Foundations have been excavated efficiently and all the soil promptly and tidily removed from the rear of the house and carted away.

A digger removes soil from the ground at the rear of the property
Excavation works for the rear extension

The concrete truck and pump arrives on site and the process of pumping concrete into the dug out foundations begins.

A concrete truck and pump pouring concrete for the foundations
The concrete pour in progress for the rear extension

Here you can see the process in progress of constructing the block and beam floor and building up the walls of the new rear extension.

The block and beam floor is mid construction and brickwork is being done to construct the walls of the rear extension
Construction of the block and beam floor and brickworkcoming out of the ground

Here members of the LCCL Construction team are continuing the process of building the extension walls. A brick was carefully selected to match the existing house.

A bricklayer continues work on building red brick walls for the rear house extension
Experienced LCCL Construction bricklayers building the house extension walls

Installation of the steels.

A large steel beem is lifted into position by a crane
Steels are delivered to site

The structure of the flat roof has been built, you can see where the flat roof skylight will be positioned, a stunning feature to add light to the new kitchen extension. The first floor terrace has been rebuilt.

If you are considering a similar project read our helpful guide on types of house extensions to see how you may be able to increase the size of your home.

A large terrace can be seen above the flat roof level with the first floor patio doors
Construction of the flat roof and first floor terrace

Roof coverings have been applied externally and glazing installed, the kitchen extension is watertight and the sub floor has been installed, work has begun inside to plaster the new space.

the walls have been plastered
Internal plastering work in the rear extension

The new extension fits in seamlessly with the existing house complementing its classic appeareance through the use of quality materials and expert workmanship.

A view of the rear of the extension
Side view of the new rear extension

Want to know more detail about rear house extensions?

To learn more about kitchen extensions please visit our guide on kitchen extensions

To learn more about rear house extensions please visit our guide on rear house extensions

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