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Supply Chain Management

At Lccl our construction supply chain partners are an integral part of our success. The close relationships we have enables our Company to raise standards in health and safety, quality and cost certainty while harnessing innovation and best value across the whole supply chain.

Our Supply Chain Charter sets out our commitments to delivering best value to our clients and supplier expectations. This evaluation process allows us to identify our Tier 1 partners – the best performing sub-contractors within our supply chain.  Any poor performance can then be identified, and action taken to communicate improvements or - in the worst case scenario - removal from our approved supply chain. Sub-contractors are also asked to evaluate Lccl performance.

If you feel you would like to be included on our supply chain and share in our continued success, please send an email expressing your interest to


If you are looking to join our company please visit our careers page for current jobs available: Careers

Lccl strive to:


  • Ensure a safe working environment for all

  • Deliver cost-effective sustainable solutions for our clients

  • Adhere to fair and ethical procurement methods and thus develop long term relationships

  • Resolve any disputes in a non-adversarial manner

  • Constantly monitor supplier performance levels, to aid continuous improvement, which in turn is rewarded by repeat business

  • Ensure payments are made in accordance with agreed terms

  • Lead by example regarding continuous improvement initiatives

  • Encourage creative and innovative solutions

  • Analyse and act upon feedback received from


Clients and Subcontractors regarding our performance Lccl expects its suppliers to:


  • Provide a competent, environmentally aware and health & safety conscious workforce.

  • Ensure products and services are to agreed specifications, programmes and cost

  • Consistently deliver a high quality standard of work

  • Submit completed tenders on agreed dates

  • Resolve any disputes in a non-adversarial manner

  • Give honest feedback regarding our performance


Together we shall:


  • Deliver each project to the highest quality standard, to the agreed cost and on programme.

  • Ensure the highest safety standards are maintained at all times.

  • Reduce waste and inefficiency through innovative design solutions

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